About Us


We’re an inspired team of coders and creatives

The strength of any business is its team. Ours is made up of coders, graphic designers and UI / UX engineers who, thanks to their exceptional qualifications, do their utmost every day to meet the many demands of our customers.

Our team consists of 8 talented people who aim to create and adapt our products to the most stringent requirements of your business needs.

We forge partnerships and build great products

The major advantage of working with us is that you are not a number. We believe that human relationships are the central pillar of our business.

We develop software with the soul of an entrepreneur and consider your projects as ours in order to establish with you a real relationship of trust. We are not the developers of your software but the partner you have been waiting for and with whom the impossible becomes possible.
“Malo World is an incredible team. With their help, we have coupled their video chat app with our customer management tool. It is great and simple to use.”
Lucas Case - Marketer
“I am delighted with the turnkey support that Malo World has provided for remote monitoring of our stores. Their solution is not invaded but terribly effective and above all ... no hidden costs!”
Christine Portella - CEO
“We had a wobbly customer relationship solution. With my team we looked for a partner and arrived at Malo World. Their software solutions and dedication are incredible. I wholeheartedly recommend them.”
Joan Schotte - CEO
“Since the Covid-19 confinement, we have called on Malo World to find a solution for connecting elderly people in nursing homes with their families. Everyone is delighted with this partnership which was offered to us free of charge by Malo World!”
Aurore Lamblin - Nurse

Malo World in a few figures

Some figures that sum up our business.
We are so proud of our incredible satisfaction rate!

User Satisfaction

The opinions of our customers are important we take into account each opinion to improve the development of future versions.


24/7 premium technical assistance worldwide. Our advisers and technical agents are available to answer your commercial and technical questions.

People love it

More than 150K people and businesses use our app around the world. We are very proud of it and it shows the quality of our service.