Video Surveillance


6 skill centers for a global offer

Malo World Security, has become very quickly, by its seriousness, its dynamism and its high level of requirement your specialist in private security since 2019. Today, CAS is one of the few companies in the sector to offer you a global commercial offer of safety, at the service of your well-being and your satisfaction.

For CAS, people and technology have the same goal, to serve you best.

We enroll our recruitment in an HR policy geared towards the employee, their know-how and their know-how being the guarantors of our commitment at your side. We select our product range to ensure the best reliability of use over time.

Malo World Security supports you throughout your process and frees you by taking care of the anxiety-provoking and time-consuming constraints of managing your security.

Total control of the surveillance chain for securing individuals or professionals

  • A reinforced proximity based on a dynamic team of specialists, at your disposal, to help you, support you and serve you.
  • Responsive logistics, always at the cutting edge of technology, based on the availability of carefully selected local suppliers, which allows us to respond to the "everything, immediately" demanded by customers.
  • Tailor-made solutions, the fruit of a personalized study of the place to be protected which takes into account its specificities, its configuration, the number of people frequenting it, or the presence of animals.
  • A recognized technicality, constantly adapted to new technologies because we have a culture of innovation and a passion for quality, keys to the sustainability of our business.
  • Guaranteed confidentiality, since your one and only contact for diagnosis, installations, remote monitoring and interventions on the removal of doubt.

A global and quality offer

3 Technical divisions

Alarms: Equip yourself with multi-technology detectors that will be triggered at each intrusion for your peace of mind

Access controls: Manage the input / output flows by an automatic electronic system for more freedom

Video and Telesurveillance: Record and remove the doubt on alarm triggering in peace

3 Human Poles

Guarding: Have your premises monitored by trained and qualified personnel, at customer service.

Events: Mobilize our security teams and / or technicians to ensure the success of your events

Fire Safety: Give your customers and staff personal assistance and quality assistance.